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Monday through Thursday

Andy Bukowski           6A to 9A

Bruce Marshall           9A to 2P

Gary James                  2P to 6P

Peter Tripp                 60's at 6

Peter Tripp                 7P to midnight

Valley's Classic hits    Midnight to 6A


Valley's Classic Hits                    6A to 7A

Veterans' Radio                            7A to 8A

The Insurance Coach Show      8A to 9A

Car Doctor Show                        9A to 10A

Bruce Marshall                           10A to 2P

Gary James                                    2P to 6P

Greatest Hits USA                       6P to 9P

Peter Tripp                              9P to midnight

Valley's Classic hits                Midnight to 6A


Andy Bukowski           6A to 9A

Food Talk for Health  9A to 10A

Bruce Marshall           10A to 2P

Gary James                  2P to 6P

Peter Tripp                 60's at 6

Peter Tripp                 7P to midnight

Valley's Classic Hits    Midnight to 6A


Valley's Classic Hits                                        Midnight to 7A

Faith Baptist Church - Melodies of Faith     7A to 8A

Second Congregational Church of Palmer   8A to 8:45A

Polka Breakfast                                                 8:45A to 10A

JD's Polish Variety Show                                 10A to 1P

Hora Portuguese Hour                                     1P to 2P

Ludlow Radio Comunidade                             2P to 4P

Doo Wop Stop - Cool Bobby B                        4P to 6P

Remember When                                              6P to 9P

Stacy Walker                                                     9P to Midnight


Andy Bukowski

Bruce Marshall

Andy is our local morning guy and also works as sports production and as on air play-by-play announcer.  He can be heard on our weekend Polka programs.  He is an avid sports fan of both professional and collegiate levels.  When he's not on the sports scene he is an avid fisherman and enjoys all outdoor activities.  Andy continues to produce football, basketball and hockey broadcasts for UMASS sports network. 

Bruce began his radio life interning at local stations during high school.  He went on to graduate from Emerson College.  Bruce joined his family radio station WOKW in Brockton.  After finding his way to Western Mass, he spend several years in media including newspapers, advertising, promotion and of course radio.  Bruce was involved in the ownership of WESO and currently here at WARE.  Bruce is out and about at many summer venues including area music festivals, fairs and car shows across the region. Bruce is most proud of his support and fundraising efforts for local VFW's and area military organizations.

20170510_113411 (1)-2_pp - Copy_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Gary James

Peter Tripp

Gary started in radio at age 15.  His first job was at WARE 1250. He stayed at the station for 18 years.  He has worked in Hartford, Boston and Portsmouth, NH.  Gary is our  our afternoon DJ.  He also hosts his popular Sunday night program: "Remember When".  He continues to be valuable in production and on air commercials.  In his spare time, he even DJ's a few dances now and then.

Peter has been in radio since the age of 11 running his first radio station from his home.  He pursued and receive a technical degree in electronics.  He and his wife Kelly are heard on the air in New England and NY doing voiceover work.

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